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6 Max Winrate

An actual specific winrate is not something most good players pay attention to in 6 max limit texas holdem, they don't worry what there BB/100 is. They are rightly more concerned they are making long term winning poker decisions.
An actual true winrate may never be known, simply because you have to play hundreds of thousands of hands to get a decent idea of what your true winrate would be, especially with the swings that can be experienced in 6 max texas holdem.
However many newer players do like to monitor there winrate and it is useful to some degree to monitor how well you may be playing and at the very least to make sure your not a losing player.
Generally I would say a good winrate to aim for would be 3 BB/100 up to stakes of $5/$10. This would be a very good long term winrate for someone playing 1-2 tables, by long term we are meaning at least 50,000 hands. Obviously if you play more tables at a time you would expect to achieve a lower winrate per table. Very few players manage greater winrates than 3bb over +100k hands. Also the higher the limit you play the lower you can expect your winrate to be and it can certainly be expected to flutuate more.

Comparing winrates is pretty pointless, these days theres to many factors to consider to make a comparison equal.. I personally think any poker player should only be interested in there own winrate per hour. How they improve that win rate is up to them. You could choose to improve your hourly winrate by moving up limits, or playing more tables at a time. Some sites offer rakeback, you could also include this in your hourly earn. It is certainly a huge factor for a player multi-tabling at $3/$6 upwards.

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