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Play On the turn when you have a overcards

Relevant Reading

2-4 hand Clarkmeister plays AKs. This is a very valuable post and looks also at raising the turn with unimproved AK. Ed Miller wished he had a chapter on this in his book!

"Basically, you have a great shot of having the lead. You can't allow the 3rd player with either a weak made hand or 6 outs to call. Even if you are behind to a pair, you have 6 outs against the CO a huge % of the time.

The hand:

4 limpers to me in the SB with AsKs. I raise, BB folds and everyone else calls. 4.5BBs and 4 players.

Flop: Qs 5h 6h. I bet, EP calls, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, CO raises, I call, EP calls. 7.5BBs and 3 players.

Turn: 2c. I check, EP checks, CO bets, I raise, EP folds, CO calls.

River: 5d. I check, CO checks, MHIG.

Clarkmeister says:

"The pot size dictates that you can't fold, so investing this incremental bet to maximize your chances of winning the pot is absolutely essential. You can fold a better hand if you are behind, you could easily have the best hand, but any non-dominated hand has at least 6 outs to beat you. The CO is more likely than not to be drawing. This is an easy investment of an incremental bet that simply must be made. Just calling here in an 8.5BB pot is terrible."

Going for the overcall on the turn 10/20, 6 max, 6 players

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