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Table Selection and Table Position

Key Points

Choose tables where players are seeing the flop +40%, higher the better.

Sit at the table ideally with loose players to your right and tight players to your left.

Table selection is a hugely important factor if you are looking to increase your win rate. Not only selection of the table you sit and play at, but also your position on a given table. Where possible you should be very selective on both counts. Ideally you want to be siiting at tables with bad players who are limping in alot pre flop with many bad hands. Some players like to play against loose aggressive players, thats up to you, but whichever loose player you prefer, you want them to be on your right so so that you can raise these limpers with your good hands and are more often getting action when you do get good hands. Or in the case of loose aggressive you normally reraise and isolate there bad starting hands. If the 2 players to your left are tight, then you get more blind stealing opportunities, or more iso raising opportunties.

Sometimes when reading some of the plays that can be made, either directly on this site or in a forum thread you may then try to do the same. However, when you try them they simply may not work or be profitable in the long run. A very good reason for this is because the good player will be playing at a table in the position where an iso raise will actually result in a heads up pot more often. If you try this is some games, you wil raise and get cold callers or both blinds in. hen talking, the good player may not have factored in how selective he actually was in his table selection.

Some players who have the time really take huge advantage of table selection. They will datamine poker sites, have information on many players at the limits they want to play at, then wait for the right positions to come up at the tables that particular player is playing at so they can take full advantage. This may be extreme for many, but if you do play against particularly bad players, and the site you are playing at has a buddy list, it is well worth adding them and seeing if they are playing in the future and search for there tables.

Test you Table Selection

What to check how good your table selection is?

  • Go to PokerTracker.
  • Click on the Summary Tab.
  • Check the "Don't Include My Stats" check box.

Look at the average VPIP and PFR of the players at your table. For VPIP the looser the players, therefore the higher over 40% the better. For PFR the more passive the players, therefore lower PFR the better. Anything under 12 is good. The lower the limit you play the more looser and passive the games will be.


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