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Players Stats for 6 Max Texas Holdem

Some players who use PokerTracker find it very useful to help improve there game and spotting potential leaks by looking at there playing stats. Stats are useful, but please always be aware of sample size as variance can be large of relateively small samples of say 30,000, although some leaks in your game may still be spotted on this small samples. The discussions below I think you will find useful overal, especially if you do look at your own playing stats.

Relevant Reading

February 5/10 6max Stats

Pooh-Bah Dissertation - 6 Max Stats FAQ

How to tell if you are running good or bad (Revised v2)


Discussion on decent sample $5/$10 stats

20k hands at $10/$20

Stats 5/10 and 10/20

Stats 5/10 and 10/20

My first 20k hands at 5/10 6max PT analysis

Poking around in pokertracker. (positional stats)

Playing too many tables

Various Stats

30K Hands of 5/10 stats checkup.

30K Hands of 5/10 stats checkup.

Auto Rate for Short Handed

45K More on Playing Tight Combined tight stats of 2 players from $10/$20

50,000 Hands at 5/10 6 Max Various Interesting comments

Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you. by TJD

Getting to know you.. continued.... (Aggression) by TJD

Post Flop aggression and looseness - discussion by TJD

pissing match Possible misuse of stats, also Rory highlights its still important to make notes on reads.

Some positional vpip stats from a thread "Please;Please;Please HELP!!"

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