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Cryptologic Poker Software

My favourite online poker rooms are those who use the cryptologic software for there poker lobby and tables.

Poker Rooms that use Cryptologic Software:
  • InterPoker
  • Sun Poker

    All the players at these sites are playing in the same place, but through different skins, e.g InterPoker and Poker Plex are different skins. You can sign up individually to both, you would normally only do this to take advantage of various bonus offers.

    The Cryptologic software is improving all the time. They have introduced some Lighting speed games for those players who like faster games.. You can use chat function as well as make notes on players. I like the fact that if a betting round starts heads up you have can have uncapped betting and take advantage of this fairly often when other players overplay there hands. See more info on the review pages.
    Another important aspect is that many of the cryptologic poker sites operate big online casinos and send gamblers from these via offers to the poker rooms. This is why the games are so soft as they are full of players who think winning at poker is pure luck. These players will jump in at all kinds of limits like $5/$10 or $10/$20 as well as plenty in the lower limits as well.

  • Where Best to Play 6 Max:
    Read the reviews:

  • Best For U.S Players U.S Players

  • Wide Limits 0.05-0.10c tables up to £150-300

  • U.S$ Currency

  • Games Soft

  • $100 Match Bonus
    Visit and Claim $100 Now!

  • Inter Poker
  • Best for Non U.S Players

    Limits 0.35-0.70 MIN 150-300 MAX
  • U.S$/EURO/GB£'s
  • Games Soft
  • Uncapped Betting
  • $100 Monthly Bonus
    Read Review

  • Party Poker

    Where Else Best To Play 6 Max

    Best Bonuses

    6 Max Poker Rooms

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