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River Play

How you play on the river firstly depends on what hand you have, so again Ive divided river play up into the following sections:

A Pair Top, Middle and bottom pair.
2 Pair When have 2 pair.
Trips When you have trips.
When you miss your draw What to do?
Complete Hand When you have a monster.
High Card When you have only a high card.

Relevant Reading

Again Ill start with words from Abdul.

Abdul says: If you reraised your opponent on the turn, you have a good but beatable hand, and the river card is a flush or straight or pair scare card, then it's perfectly reasonable to check into your opponent with the intention of calling; you may induce a bluff from the poorer players here (your opponent would have to be dumb to bluff on the river when you reraised his ass on the turn, but you might as well give him the chance to make this mistake), and you may save yourself a bet if your opponent hit his draw. On the other hand, heads up often that flush or straight scare card will be just as scary to your opponent as to you, so sometimes you can bluff or value bet without worrying about getting hit with a raise unless you are beat. If you have a no-where-near-the-nuts hand that you want to showdown, then you can check, but if you opponent is likely to fold some hands better than yours (and that's very plausible given given your reraise on the turn) then you should often bet. More generally, if on the river you have a hand that you would agonize over calling if you check and your opponent bets, then usually you should bet, especially since you can easily fold it if you are raised. And that points to the fact that you can occasionally succeed in bluff-raising on the river with position. Don't try this too often though, but also remember that it has to work only a fraction of the time to be worthwhile. A bluff check-raise on the river can work too, but it's so tricky to pull off that it's almost not worth mentioning.

Value Betting

2 Interesting Hands Call or Raise?

Easy value bet?

A river value raise, and a river value bet

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