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Titan Poker 6 Max Review

Titan Poker Great bonuses coupled with above average softness 6 max games and great software.


Titan Poker Table Pic (1/2 Size)
Titan Poker Table
Click to enlarge for full size

Titan Poker 6 Max Tables
Stake Limits No. of Tables
$30/$60 1
$20/$40 1
$10/$20 3
$5/$10 5
$3/$6 5
$2/$4 6
$1/$2 12
$0.50/$1 14
$0.25/$0.50 21
$0.10/$0.20 6
$0.05/$0.10 4


6 Max Limit Texas Holdem Tables
As you can see Titan offers a good range of limits. Ideal site for beginners playing the lower limits up to around $2/$4 - $5/$10. Softness of games All limits are average softness.

Betting The betting action for each round is limited to one bet and then 3 raises.

Bonuses Sign up bonus 50 % up to $200. So if you upload $400 you will qualify for the full $200. Reload bonus

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Lobby Features
We have full size picture of the Titan Poker Table.
The lobby shows
  • Table Name
  • Betting Stake
  • No. of players at table.
  • Ave pot size
  • % of players seeing flop
  • No. of Hands played per hour
  • No. of players waiting

    You can tick a box so the lobby hides the full tables.
    When you highlight a game it will show you in the right hand columns the names of the players at the table and there bankroll and names of players waiting to join.
    You can also arrange the tables in order of table name, number of players playing or ave stake which is useful in game selection.

    Software: IPoker Network
    Nice smooth good looking software.
    buddy list Yes and you can check if player is playing in the future.
    Play up to 3 tables at a time.

    PokerTracker Compatible: NO

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    Online poker rooms are advancing and changing all the time. We do our best to keep this information up to date, however its up to you to check all information when signing up. This Titan Poker review was last updated January 13th 2006.

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