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Sun Pokerô


Sun Pokerô

Sun Poker 6 Max Review

Sun Poker, (formerly known as Caribbean Sun Poker) is part of the Cryptologic software group so much of the information will be the same as for other Crytologic Poker Sites. Primary difference are the sign up and monthly bonuses which you can read further down the page.

Sun Poker Table Pic (1/2 Size)
Sun Poker Table
Click to enlarge for full size


Sun Poker 6 Max Tables
Stake Limits No. of Tables
$150/$300 1
EUR 100/200 1
$100/$200 1
EUR 50/100 1
$50/$100 2
EUR 30/60 1
$30/$60 3
EUR 20/40 1
$20/$40 2
EUR 10/20 1
$10/$20 5
EUR 5/10 1
$5/$10 5
EUR 3/6 2
$3/$6 6
EUR 2/4 2
$2/$4 9
EUR 1/2 1
$1/$2 13
$0.50/$1 5
$0.35/$0.70 8


6 Max Limit Texas Holdem Tables
You can play at at table regardless of currency. Its automatically exchanged when you choose table. If theres alot of players online they open more tables.
Alot of the players come from the sites related casinos. These players will jump in at all stake levels and are drawn in particular to the 6 max limit games because of the added action and excitement. They seem to be players who are playing for fun like they would any other casino game, as if there is no winning strategy. There are very few good players, especially at the lower limits. On offer are a wide range of limits, which is great for beginners who want to climb the limits as there bankroll increases. The site is expanding and improving all the time.
Also has 1 on 1 heads up tables.

Betting If a betting round starts heads up you have uncapped betting. This is hugely important advantage as if you play often there will be times when you have the nuts and the other player will keep raising and you can keep reraising. With reads on some players you won't even need the nuts to take advantage of this as players will overplay there hands quite often and you'll get the opportunity to get a couple of extra reraises in, sometimes you will get many reraises in and take the rest of there stack! E.g they have 3 of kind, you have a straight, they have a straight you have flush, etc. This is one of the prime reasons I like to play at this site and it does wonders for your winrate.
Softness of games Above average softness. $2/$4 and $3/$6 are very soft.

Sign Up Bonus
Up to $50, 100% sign up bonus 100%. You must play 250 raked hands to complete the bonus.
Note: In your first month of playing you will clear the $40 bonus first when you reach your 200th raked hand. You then only need to play 50 raked hands to clear the $50 sign up bonus.

Monthly Bonus
$40 free every month for play just 200 raked hands.
The 100% initial deposit bonus and the $40 monthly playing bonus wagering requirements run concurrently, meaning after you've satisfied the first 200 raked hands, your $40 monthly bonus will be placed into your account, AND the $50 deposit bonus will be available to you in just another 50 raked hands. Every Player Gets a Bonus Every Month at Sun Poker!

Sun Poker rake 5% from every pot over $5, EUR 5 up to a maximum of a $3, EUR 3 rake. Tip If you play the EURO currency tables you will effectively be paying more rake than at the $ tables. They also operate a No Flop - No Drop policy which means they do not take any rake from hands that do not see a flop.

Lobby Features
We have full size picture of the Sun Poker lobby.
The lobby shows
  • Table Name
  • Betting type, e.g NL, PL or FL.
  • Betting stakes
  • No. of players at table
  • No. of players waiting for a table
  • Ave Pot
  • No. of hands played an hour.
  • % of players seeing the flop.

    When you highlight a game it will show you in the right hand columns the names of the players at the table and names of players waiting to join.
    You can arrange the tables in order of table name, number of players playing or ave stake, players seeing flop.selection.

    Sun Poker uses Cryptologic software so you will be playing will players from other casinos who also use this software. PokerTracker Compatible: Yes

    Sign up to Sun Poker Now!!

    Online poker rooms are advancing and changing all the time. We do our best to keep this information up to date, however its up to you to check all information when signing up. This Sun Poker review was last updated January 11th 2006.

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