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Paradise Poker: The world's premier online poker room




Paradise Poker: The home of the World's Million Dollar Freeroll

Paradise Poker 5 Max Review

Paradise Poker 4th biggest Poker site on the net.

Paradise Poker Table Pic (1/2 Size)
Paradise Poker Lobby
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Paradise Poker 5 Max Tables
Stake Limits No. of Tables
$10/$20 8
$5/$10 5
$3/$6 11
$1/2 19

5 Max Limit Texas Holdem Tables
Paradise has 5 max tables instead of 6 max. This is ideal if you prefer playing with 5 or less players at a table.
As you can see from the above table there offer a good number of tables at the key limits. They dont't offer $2/$4 or anything above $10/$20. Approximately 50% of the games at each stake at Turbo speed which is great if you prefer slightly faster games.
Basically if you prefer playing at tables with a maximum number of 5 players at table and with players leaving and joining more 3 and 4 players hands, then this site is ideal. If you prefer playing games where on average theres 5 or more players playing then these games would be considered below average softness.
Softness of games All limits are average softness.

Betting The betting action for each round is limited to one bet and then 3 raises.

Bonuses Sign up bonus: 25 % up to $50. So if you upload $200 you will qualify for the full $50. Bonus Code: FIRST25 Reload bonus Occassionally has reload bonuses, none at present.

Claim your Paradise Poker bonus Now!

Limit No. of Players Pot Size Rake Max Rake
$2/$4 through $10/$20 2 - 3 $20 $1 $1
$2/$4 through $10/$20 4 - 5 $20, $40, $60 $1, $1, $2
$2/$4 through $10/$20 6 $20, $40, $60 $1, $1, $1, $3
$0.50/$1 and $1/$2 Any $5, $10, $15 $.25, $.25, $1 $1

Lobby Features
We have full size picture of the Paradise Poker Lobby.
The lobby shows
  • Table Name
  • Betting Stake
  • No. of players at table.
  • Ave pot size
  • % of players seeing flop
  • Players waiting to join
  • Hands per hour

    When you highlight a game it will show you in the right hand columns the names of the players at the table and there bankroll and names of players waiting to join.
    You can also arrange the tables in order of table name, number of players playing or ave stake which is useful in game selection.

    Chat function which you can choose to turn off or vary settings. You can also disable chat for specific players.
    Notes can be made by simple right clicking on players name box.
    Play up to 4 tables at a time.

    PokerTracker Compatible: Yes

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    Online poker rooms are advancing and changing all the time. We do our best to keep this information up to date, however its up to you to check all information when signing up. This ParadisePoker review was last updated January 12th 2006.

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