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Pre Flop UTG

Raise: AA-77,AKs,AK,AQs,AQ,AJs,AJ,ATs,AT,A9s,A8s,
Raise: KQs,KQ,KJs,KTs,QJs.

A good solid strategy is to always open raise. Limping may be marginally profitable in many situations at low limits $1/$2 or lower where poor very loose, passive preflop play is matched by very poor post flop play from many other players. As soon as you start moving up limits and playing amongst a higher percentage of slightly better players then you will soon find out the disadvantages to limping, as the games become tighter and more aggressive. So even while playing low limits use it to start learning and understanding this style of play.

From UTG you are out of position so therefore you will be playing only strong hands, hands that warrant raising. If you do add extra hands always raise them. A good solid strategy is to never open limp. Limping 1st in is the sign of a weak player. In fact limping in general in these games is rarely the best option. High cards go up in value with less players, you should always be raising your high card hands as you most likely have the best hand. Hands that beginners tend to limp with such as suited connectors go down in value as you have less pot odds in shorthanded games. Also suited connectors prefer passive games, shorthanded 6 max texas holdem is generally more aggressive, so if you do limp you are very likely to get raised.

Borderline hands that could be raised first in:
Raise: 66, 55, A7s - A2s, JTs, T9s, 98s, 87s, QTS, J9s, Q9s, K9s, A9o, KJo, QJo, KTo.

However these are more likely to be profitable in a tight game. You certainly dont want any cold callers or 3 bets after you with these hands. They could be played also to occassionaly mix up your game, which would be more useful if you were playing amongst observant players or players with whom you play alot. Never play these hands with a 3 betting LAG acting behind you. Beginners should fold them.

Relevant Reading

$10/$20 and Opening Up Preflop from UTG & UTG+1 Good discussion, also cartman posts the results of his 1st in hands from UTG and UTG+1 from a 216k database from $5/$10

Suited Aces UTG & UTG+1 10-20/15-30, 6max Good discussion on this range of hands.

KTo UTG and A2s MP discussion Some good discussion on these 2 hands.

JTs utg Borderline hand.

KQo vs ATo A detailed look into how these hands perform when raised UTG.

66 UTG Is this profitable?

QTo UTG, plus good post flop advice on this marginal hand From a thread "I'm on an island in a busy intersection"

El Diablo style Some discussion on preflop play, in particular UTG. Respected player also known as "Ulysses". Limps some hands, folds KJo

Limping UTG

These threads discuss the issues of limping UTG. I have stated a good solid strategy is to always raise 1st in. The threads below highlight some reasons why this is the best play. However its important to adapt to any kind of game you may find yourself in and some game conditions may very well warrant limping. I would highlight that when they do talk of limping it is with solid hands that play well in multiway pots and not weaker hands like 87s and QJo etc.
Low limits $1/$2 are generally very loose, passive and as Ive said, limping may well be marginally profitable. As you move up limits the games become tighter and more aggressive. You are much less likely to see a flop for a single bet, therefore finding yourself out of position in a raised pot, as well as not getting the desired odds for drawing hands. It can be difficult for some players to make the change from limping to raising. Even if you are limping strong hands, you will win more with those in the long run if you raise them. Once you get used to raising, if you think of limping in the future you will feel how weak it feels.

UTG limping Good to limp or not? If so, what with?

Open Limping EP This poster is considering limping with offsuit highcards QJ,KJ and KT.

UTG question Discussion on limping in general

Pre flop aggression - Why raise 1st in from UTG & MP? Kiddo offer a good summary of why raising first in is generally the best.

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