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Texas Holdem 6 max Small Blind Pre Flop

If you want more a starting hand guide for the small blind then Contact Me
For now read through some of the articles and forum threads below.

Relevant Reading

A pre-flop check from the SB

Complete from SB then fold?

Ragged Ace in SB vs button raise - some thoughts.

SB dichotomy

SB Starting Requirements (Basic Question)

Defending the Small Blind

VPIP from SB in the 5/10 game

Blind Play: A Word of Advice for 5/10 6max

KJo from SB

Raising KJs with 2 limpers

Folded to sb with Q7o

87s to a raise in multiway pot

Some SB preflop questions

Are these completes a leak? Kxo and Q8o

Folded to me in SB with J7o Kxo and Q8o

Folded to me in SB with J7o Kxo and Q8o

SB defense with 66

Calling a button raise in the SB From a thread called "Playing the player."

I'm open-completing more in the SB.

Common HU situation

ace rag offsuit in the SB...+ or - EV?

Some small blind completions and questions about flop play

VPIP from SB in the 5/10 game

How would you adjust your pre- and post-flop play in these situation??

ATo SB Family Pot Fold

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