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Pre Flop Middle Position


Raise 1st and callers: AA-77,AKs,AK,AQs,AQ,AJs,AJ,ATs,AT,A9s,KQs,KQ,KJs,
Raise 1st and callers: 66-55, A8s,A7s,KJs,KTs,QJs,QTs,JTs,
Raise 1st or Call a caller: K9s,QTs, Q9s,
Raise 1st only: A9,KJ,KT,
Call a caller: JTs,J9s,T9s,98s,

Raise in front Reraise: AA-99,AK,Aks,AQ,Aqs,Ajs

Possibly Reraise a LAG 88, AJ
Call or reraise KQs,QJs,KJs,ATs

You still need to play tight in this position. Generally I advise coming in with a raise. It is definetly not recommended to limp first in this position. If UTG limps I'll overlimp with strong suited hands that play well in multiple player pots. No lower than 98s or one gaps J9s. I dont like limping with low Axs if the game is aggressive as its not easy to play low pairs and when you do hit your top pair ace it can be costly if you come up against an ace with a bigger kicker. Some games you may feel comfortable limping these hands.
Facing an UTG raise you have to play pretty tight and only reraise with your best hands. When raising a LAG Id still be looking to isolate that player and not wanting any more players in the pot after me. Ive also stated some cold calls. These are borderline reraise, call, fold, depending on the raiser and if you expect more players in the pot after you. These situations wont arise very often.

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