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Texas Holdem 6 max Cold Calling Pre flop

When playing texas holdem you should be cold calling raises very rarely. Nothing changes in 6 max. In fact it is less likely to be correct to cold call, you should be 3 betting to take control of the hand and hopefully get the pot heads up, with you having the advantage of position. Cold calling is generally weak play and you will rarely be correct to cold call.
Of course they will be some instances you may feel a cold call is correct, I have even stated some on my starting hand guide, but it should still be a rarity. From UTG+1 and CO you should ideally be reraising to get the button. Some players do cold call a bit more often on the button, even against a single raise. This can pose a problem for some TAG players, especially if they are trying to steal or get the pot heads up with a weak hand such as QJo or A7o. So even if you are getting cold called by a hand like JTs or KTs it certainly could pose you some problems. This is an area of play I may look into in the future, but for now I prefer reraise or fold.

On the button with a couple of players already in the hand and a reraise unlikely it can be worth cold calling with low pocket pairs or hands like QJs, JTs.

Relevant Reading

Experimenting with cold-calling In this article the orginal poster cold calls in CO with 77. Most posters see this as a mistake with this particular hand because its a hand that plays better HU. However some see the merits of cold calling with in certain situations with hands like QJs T9s QTs. Some even advocate cold calling with lower suited connectors.

How to beat "the sponge" (psuedo long). A sponge is a player to your left that cold-calls a lot, peels the flop and then bets the turn often enough to be annoying if you check to him. These were the kind of plays that some posters thought might be worth experimenting in the above thread. This thread looks at how ways to combat that style of play if someones doing excessively.

From a thread "For those who tired from SH" Includes some discussion on cold calling by Peter_Rus. In his last post of the thread he gives examples of cold calling with AJ's.

Cold calling standards

A9s Cold call twice in one hand


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