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Pre Flop Cut Off

The cut off is where a good 6 max or short handed poker player really starts to take advantage using to the full the value of position. Again, use the below as a guide. Always raise with your best hands but other hands may well be raise, call or fold depending on the game your in. Read the relevant articles to get a better understanding of pre flop play in this position. In the guide Ive gone for what I would do most often but always be adapting to your game. Learn to understand when certain hands are and arent playable.
Raise: AA-77,AKs,AK,AQs,AQ,AJs,AJ,ATs,A9s,A8s,A7s,A6s,A5s,AT,KQs,KQ,KJs,KJ,
Raise: KTs,K9s,QJs,QTs,Q9s,JTs,J9s,
Raise 1st and 1 caller: 77-55,A9,KT,QJ,
Raise 1st only: A4-2s,A8,A7,
Blind Steals: :44-22,A6,A5,K8s,QT,JT,K9,Q9,Q8s,J8s,T8s,98s,87s,76s,65s,
Not auto raises! With these you want button and blinds to fold, or if a blind calls for them to easy fold flop when they miss.

1 caller Fold: A4s-A2s, 44-22.
2 callers: call: 66-22, A7s-A2s,T9s,98s. fold: A9,KT,QJ,

Raise in front Reraise: AA-99,AKs, AK,AQs,AQ,Ajs
Call, reraise or fold: KQs,QJs,KJs,Ats,
extra possible cold calls/reraises
cold call against prf +15% suited or hands with more than 1 caller.
suited hands: QTs, KTs, JTs, want multiway pot with these so I dont mind cold calling
unsuited hands reraise aggressive raiser: 88-77, AJ, KQ
donít overplay, play cautiously could be dominated

Its important to be coming into the pot from the Cut Off with a raise as you want the button to fold so that you have it and at the same time taking control of the hand. This is the position in which you can begin loosening up and using the advantage of position. It wouldnt be a mistake to call some of the hands ive put as a raise, but its important to take control of the hand and increase your chances of winning so I advise always raising against 1 limper. There maybe instances where the button is unlikely to fold and therefore calling may be better with some of the suited drawing hands and folding some of the offsuit iso raises.
Remember the starting hands are a good solid guide. As you become more experienced you may be able to play some hands slightly differently and play more hands.
With some of the weaker 1st in raises you are aiming to steal the blinds. Always consider the possible actions of the button, a good aggressive player may try to isolate you with a 3 bet knowing your possibly on a steal.
Also when iso raising with hands like A9o or KTo think about the limper, you ideally want to be raising the loose limper not a tight limper who might limp with strong hands like KJ, AT etc.
If theres a range of borderline hands you dont feel comfortable with then feel free to fold. Some players dont like play small pairs, others will not like raisings 76s with it being only 7h high. Alot of these are game dependant and with experience you will learn when they are most playable.
Some players will also limp more after 2 callers with hands such as K8s, K7s, Q8s, J8s, T8s or unsuited hands JTo. These are all very marginal and generally sign of weakness. If you are playing 1 table with good reads then maybe these hands may be worth playing sometimes. If you are multitabling Id probably fold these.
Ive listed the blind steals seperately. When playing these hands you want tight button and blinds and non tricky players. Also bear in mind your table image, if you been raising alot players will begin to play back at you so you may want to tighten up for a bit. Also the opposite if you havent been getting any hands then try stealing with one of these as it may get more respect. Just don't over do it with these marginal hands. Also important is the value of the small blind, blind steals go up in value the larger the small blind.
Facing a raise, really is player and game dependant. Stay out the way of very tight raises, try and isolate LAGS by 3 betting, it will rarely be correct to cold call but its more correct to do so if the pot is already multiway.

Related Reading

Use these threads to get a good understanding of the strategy of play from the cut off. Its from this position that good players styles start to vary more. Theres not always rights and wrongs, good players will be making good plays at the right time, bad players make good plays at the wrong time. For example be wary with iso raises with borderline hands and also the limit that is being discussed. More players tend to fold at higher limits, so some plays will work more often, if you are trying the same plays at low limits you'll more likely get cold callers and both blinds call, so always be aware of how players are likely to act after you.

Painfully basic preflop question. Raising after limpers. A slighty looser aggressive tag highlights what hands he raises limpers with. At least provides examples of what players iso raise with. For the more advanced players who know when its best to use these plays.

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