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Button Pre Flop Texas Holdem Strategy

The button, the most valuable position at the table and to which you you must learn to use to maximum advantage as this is where you will make most of your money.

Raise:: AA-77,AKs, AK, AQs, AQ, AJs, AJ, AT,KQs,KQ,
Raise 1 limper or call 2: A7s-A2s,KJ,KT,QJ,QT,JT,QTs,Q9s,JTs,J9s,
Call 1 limper: 66-22,T9s,T8s,98s,Q8s,J8s,J7s,T7s,Kxs or raise 1st in
Call 2 limpers: 97s,87s,76s,65s, raise 1st in but fold if 1 limper
Auto Blind Steals 55, Axs,A5,K5s,Q8s,K9,
Blind Steals44-22,A4, K8,K7,K4s-K2s,Q7-Q2s,Q8o,J9,J8,T9s,98s,87s,76s,
Blind Steals 65s,54s,T8s,97s,86s,75s,J8s-J4s,T7s,96s,85s,98,87,

Raise in front Reraise: AA-99,AKs, AK,AQs,AQ,Ajs
Cold Call (or reraise 1) KQs,QJs,KJs,Ats,

If raise is 1st in from CO and likely to be a blind steal over say estimated for example 26% then consider reraising the following:
Possible extra reraises 88-22,Axs,AJ,AT,A9,A8,A7,KQ,KJs,KJ,QJ
The more aggressive the player the more you can reraise with, QJ is pretty weak.

Can consider cold calling the if pfr 15% and/or more than 1 in the pot or loose blinds.
suited hands: QTs,KTs,JTs,
unsuited: AJ,KQ,
cold call 3 players in pot 77-22
Donít overplay, play cautiously could be dominated with unsuited hands.

Ive listed 2 lots of auto blind steals which I would raise no matter who is in the blinds. The other blind steals are very game dependant, especially the low suited hands or any hand that has very little showdown value. You want to be raising these hands only when both blinds are tight. Even if the blinds are tight and you've had many blind steal successes dont over do it continually with these hands. You want to win the vast majority of the time with these hands pre flop or on the flop. Even with tight blinds dont over do it with these hands. Always be conscious of your table image and when players might start playing back at you. If your getting to many blind stealing opportunities then consider your table selection.
Facing a raise is again very player and position specific. Stay out the way of very tight raisers. Be looking to isolate any LAG players by 3 betting. Possibly cold call with some of the high suited hands if already a multiway pot or the blinds extremely loose even with 3 bets . Cold calling should be a rarity. When playing some of the borderline hands bare in mind how well you might get paid off if your hand hits. If in doubt fold. You can also reraise more hands if the raise is an open raise from the CO. Consider how likely the player is trying to steal the pot.

Relevant Reading

Iso Raising
ISO raises on Button Main example is K7s

Painfully basic preflop question. Raising after limpers. A slighty looser aggressive tag highlights what hands he raises limpers with. At least provides examples of what players iso raise with. For the more advanced players who know when its best to use these plays.

Blind Stealing
Blind stealing experiment for $15/$30. Very useful post with the results of One million plus hands were simulated. Bear in mind that the more you steal the more the quicker the blinds will adapt and possibly begin to play back at you.

A3 on buttonGetting re-raised by Big Blind, then calling him down with just an Ace. Also raising any ace on the button.

Stealing aint easy' A3o

ASB %, and the effect of increased preflop aggression on postflop play Good comments by Rory on adjusting aggression when players adapt there play. "

button play Ulysses and Ikke comments on what to raise first in.

Why play shorthanded?? Soda gives good comments on what to think about when playing a marginal hand like J8s

Whats the difference between 6 max and late full ring play? Interesting comments from Peter_Rus. Doesn't steal at 40% even though he thinks that is probably right, because of the increased aggression of the other players as they play back.

Limpers. Limp?
Preflop, flop, turn, heck the whole thing up for debate... Q9o on button after 2 limpers

1 limper and you with K4s Fold.

1 limper and you with J9s

Limpers and you have ATo in CO or KTo on the button Poster folded both these hands, is that to tight?

Limpers and you have ATo in CO or KTo on the button Poster folded both these hands, is that to tight?

QTs on Button...I limp. 2 limpers, raise or fold?

Loose passive game, 1 limper, can you limp 75s? From a thread "How bad? "

45 suited? A limp is fine after limpers, but consider whether blinds will raise

3/6 6m JTs Called after 1 limper, some posters said this is easy raise.

Raise Limpers
A limp to be proud of AJo after 2 limpers. General conscensus was to raise this hand always.

Raising with Mid Pairs on Button after UTG Limp? Interesting comments from Peter_Rus

3 betting on the button
KJs - Facing a raise from MP From a thread called "Am I over-compensating?

3 bet AJo? From a bunch of unfortunate hands some decent discussion on one them. AJo is not an auto 3 bet.

Is 3betting with AJ preflop against unknown routine?

3betting A7o against a CO raise on the BT

Limp first in on the button
Limp 1st in on button V 2 loose blinds? From thread "Lame preflop question #2."

Cold Call on the button
Is this "using my position"? Or is it spewery? 44 cold called

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