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Poker Rooms

I have reviewed the best poker rooms which offer soft 6 max or 5 max tables. Ive looked the factors which you may well consider in your choice of poker room:
  • Softness of games
  • Bonuses
  • Number of tables at each limit
  • How many tables you can play at a time
  • The rake.
  • Uncapped betting round? (See the Cryptologic Software poker rooms )
  • Betting limits and availablity of tables at each limit.
  • 6 max, 5 max, 4 max tables
  • Software for note taking etc
  • buddy list or player coding so you can find the fish.
  • Info the lobby offers to help game selection.
  • Pics of lobby and tables

    I have only reviewed poker rooms which had decent soft games. The sites all offer a good amount of limits and tables to play. Ive then included any relevant information that may help in where you choose to play.

    I play at all sites for at least the bonuses every month. I play mainly at the crptologic poker rooms because of the softness of the games and the uncapped betting as well as the bonuses.
    So if you play more often at one of the other poker rooms and feel I should add more info that would be useful in the selection of where to play then please contact me. Same goes for if you think theres a poker room missing you think deserves to be on the list.

    I haven't really gone into too much detail as regards the actual poker room software as its mostly down to personal preference. Plus a lot of features can be changed within the software, such as colours and dealer voices. As well as this they are updating and improving quite often.

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