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One of the main advantages of playing 6 max limit texas holdem is that there is so little written specifically in the strategy. This is because the game is still relatively new. Live poker rooms tend to only have 10 player tables. Online poker rooms introduced the 6 max tables relatively recently and they have proved extremely popular.
All the books below will prove money well spent to anyone playing texas holdem. None of the books are dedicated to shorthanded or 6 max, simply because no book exists. However most of the books below do have a chapter or more on shorthanded poker. Those that don't talk directly of shorthanded are considered the best alround limit texas holdem books and can only improve your game.

Book Review
Weighing The Odds In Hold'em Poker by King Yao. A must read for any player who wants to improve there shorthanded poker. It has 2 chapters dedicated soley to shorthanded poker. The first chapter "Shorthanded Limit Poker" has an into to shorthanded, how the games changes based on the number of players at the table looking at 8-10, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and heads up. In goes into further detail when 3 players. Also has "Playing the Players" and a look at "Strategic Differences" between short and full games. It then has a second chapter looking at the 13 most common mistakes when playing shorthanded. This is the only book Ive seen take such a good look at shorthanded games. The rest of the book is also very useful.
Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth. This is a must read for any playing who wants to improve all aspects of there texas holdem game as they start climbing the stakes. Id would recommend it to anyone who plays full ring, but most importantly it has an important chapter "Playing Short-Handed". Its very useful in particular for heads up and 3 handed games.
Small Stakes Holdem by ED Miller is a must read for any Limit Texas Holdem poker player. It deals only with full ring but all the aspects which are vitally important for anyone who wants to become a winning poker player.
Theory of Poker by David Sklansky. Another must read that will improve your overal poker game and give you a greater understanding of the game and thinking behind the decisions to be made.
Winning Low Limit Hold'em by Lee Jones. This is the ideal book for any beginner to texas holdem and starting out at low limits. Well set out book. Easy to follow and understand. Is only for full ring games but an ideal starting groundt have for beginners.
Hold'em Poker by David Sklansky. This was the first definitive work on texas hold'em poker and was first published in 1976 but has since been updated to take account of the double blind structure of todays games. Its still a must have for anyone who plays Texas Hold'em.
Internet Texas Hold'em - Winning Strategy from an Internet Pro by Matthew Hilger. I would recommend this book for anyone fairly new to Texas Holdem who wants to improve there overal full ring game.

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