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Short Handed Poker Articles

All the links below will be of use to anyone who is looking to improve there shorthanded texas holdem game. Some of these will have been linked to from other sections of my website where they most relate. Please feel free to suggest any links to shorthanded texas holdem that you dont see below.

Beating The Bettor
Ed Miller takes a look at the 6 max game

Short Table Strategy by Abdul Jalib M'hall
A brief look at playing short handed. Abdul breaks down strategy for each betting round.

Overview of how to play at a 3 or 4 handed table..

Playing at short handed tables can be profitable, if you know what you are doing by David The Rake Howard .Includes 5 tips for playing at shorthanded tables.

Playing Shorthanded Pots in Hold 'em.

Holdem EV stats quick guide, 6 players. Useful table showing the expected value stats from each position for each hand at a 6 handed table.

Poker Strategy - Shorthand Limit Texas Hold'em Strategy.

Poker Strategy - Advanced Shorthand.

Hyper's 6-Max Hold'em Limit Guide.

Some extra Hyper aspects mentioned here..

Shorthanded Games by Lou Krieger .

Shorthanded Games Part II by Lou Krieger .

Playing against a bettor. A look at how you should adjust your game against a player who always bets against you.

Starting Out In Shorthanded Poker.

Short-handed Play by Jonny Vincent.

Playing Short Handed By: Joe Benik.

Playing Shorthanded by Jim Brier.

Comments on Brier's short-handed article

Puny Pocket Pairs by Barry Tanenbaum.

Various Shorthanded articles.

MecosKing complete look at 6 Max.

full ring related, but still vey interesting Texas Hold'em Pre-flop Strategy - Abdul.


Low Limit Shorthanded Texas Holdem .

Playing Low Limit Shorthanded Holdem Online .

Heads Up Hold'em Percentages .

Shorthanded Table Strategy by Abdul Jalib M'hall .

Percentage of Pots Won with Hold'em Hands Ranked by Hand.

Abdul Jalib Answers some Shorthanded questions.

Abdul preflop strategies that disguise my holdings without sacrificing much expected value .

Shorthanded Texas Holdem Some information on how to beat 2-6 player tables..


Short handed strategies by Ramsey.

Articles by Nick Eisel
An Interesting Hand . KK in the BB
Some Shorthanded Situations. A look at hands involving the button.
The Aggressive Small Blind .
Value Betting.
Common Mistakes in Shorthanded Play .
Hand Standards .
Today's world is all about convenience .

Articles by Jason Pohl
Short-Handed Hold'Em: Back to the Basics.

Short-Handed Hold'Em: Don't Wake a Sleeping Giant .
Short-handed Hold'Em: Preflop Play (Part I) .
Short-handed Hold'Em: Preflop Play (Part II).
Short Handed Poker: Defending the Blinds .
Short Handed Poker: The Scary Small Blind (Part I).
Short Handed Poker: The Scary Small Blind (Part II) .
Short-Handed Poker: Adjusting to Real Players .
Shorthanded Poker: The Powerful Turn Raise.
Shorthanded Poker: A Secret about Winning.
Shorthanded Poker: Flop Play Part I .
Shorthanded Poker: Flop Play Part II.
Poker 'Stocking Stuffers'.
Short-Handed Poker: The Overcard Quandary Part I .
Short-Handed Poker: The Overcard Quandary Part II.
Short-Handed Poker: Varying Your Play .




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