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Heads Up Texas Holdem Strategy

Be sure you have an advantage against your opponent before continuing to long.
Firstly heads up strategy will vary depending which online site you are playing, depending on which position they give the button to. Some sites will have the small blind on the button, other sites will have the big blind. If your the small blind and dont have the button then you will be acting first pre flop and post flop, if you do have the button you will be acting first pre flop and have the advantage of acting second on the following 3 betting round, obviously a major advantage and therefore you can play more hands.
Again reads are very important, how does your opponent play his draws post flop, calls or raises, is he over agressive, to passive giving free cards etc. If playing a good player they will be monitoring how you are playing, so be sure to mix up your own play. Try to be unreadable. If playing against a good player then its likely to be just feeding the rake, especially at low limits, so as always be sure you have some kind of egde against your opponenent. Some sites do offer micro limit tables free of rake which can be useful to practice on. See my poker rooms section.

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