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4 Player Texas holdem Strategy

The less players at a table the more reads become important as you will be seeing much more of how each player plays certain hands so take advantage of that information.
Play the game from UTG as if you were the cut off in a 6 handed game. If your on the button and the cut off is always open raising as he should, you can reraise with more hands than you would if there were more players in the game as the CO raise is more likely to be a steal raise. The less players in a game be more aware of mixing up your game. If you are dominating the table with your aggression then fine, but at some point even bad players will adapt and start playing back at you. Your timing is key, change your play before they adapt, if you get caught raising weak hands and they see then think of tightening up a little and let them maybe overplay there hands against your stronger hands etc.
If you are in the small blind you should be agressive when playing and 3 betting to knock out the big blind, get the pot heads up with the intiative to more likely take the pot on the flop. When your the big blind make sure you are calling enough single raises and play accordingly. As I said, notes are important, what are players 3 betting with pre flop in what position, do they play draws aggressively post flop etc.
Swings get wilder as the number of players lessens, especially if the game is aggressive. If you low limits bear in mind the rake as that could possibly be taking most of the profits. Id generally advise only playing 4 handed if you feel you have the advantage and one of or ideally 2 of the players are poor and there weaknesses can be exploited.

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