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3 players Texas Holdem Strategy

Much of what I have written as regards 4 player texas holdem applies even more so when 3 handed. Reads on players become more important. Again consider the rake, especially if low limits as that will be eating alot of the profit. Generally play only if 1 or ideally both of the players are bad.
When your the button you can raise in with a wide range of hands, especially if the blinds fold to often or call and fold easy on the flop. If the blinds are loose or tricky post flop then throw away some of your weaker starting hands.
Its important to be aggressive in the smal blind, always reraise if you want to play a hand, otherwise your simply making the game easy for the big blind who can call a single bet with a wide range of hands and also has position on you. Knock out the big blind and gain the intiative by 3 betting.
If your the big blind what you call with depends largely on what the button is raising with. If the button is raising a very wide range of hands then the big blind will have to call many more hands.
Identify the other players weaknesses, if they are to tight you should be over aggressive, if the other players are over agressive then use that aggressiveness against them, sometimes waiting until the expensive streets to show your strength.

If you are interested in 3 handed strategy then "Weighing the Odds In Hold'em Poker" by King Yao has some excellent advice and is a must read.

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