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Multi tabling 6 Max Texas Holdem

I play 2-4 tables at a time and find that easy, and more importantly enjoyable. I have tried playing 6 but simply don't enjoy it.

Many players are happy playing 4+ tables at 6 max. There winrates per 100 hands tend to drop a bit but there overal winrate per hour goes up. The more tables you play the higher variance is going to be so be prepared for those swings in your bankroll.

When playing less tables you can normally do so for longer perods of time because you feel mentally fresher. Also the game is more enjoyable, as you are getting more player reads you can make more player orientated plays.

If you are a complete beginner you should only play 1 table at a time. Learn and get comfortable with the rules of play, and get used to quickly working out if your hand is playable based on whether you have the correct Odds to draw etc, etc.

.Add more tables as and when you feel comfortable and importantly are a winning player. Be careful when moving up limits as it may take a short time to adjust to the game, so consider dropping down to 1 or 2 tables. This will be more noticeble when moving up limits in the $2/$4+ ranges, with the jump from $5/$10 to $10/$20 quite noticeable gameplay difference.

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