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Free Poker

Many sites offer free poker with play money. I dont actually advise playing for free if your doing so to improve your game, as there is no skill involved in playing the game for free and it will do nothing to improve your game.
For example you may get dealt AA and raise, but many players will call with any hands and call down to the river hoping to catch all kinds of miracle draws no matter how much you raise, reraise. Its not realistic of real game play. If anything it may damage your game play as you will see poor hands taking down pots and it may encourage you to play weak hands and weak poker post flop.
If you are unsure about playing for real money then dont be, all the best poker rooms start there tables at very low limits so you can learn how the game plays and also be playing real poker and using real strategy that should work as other players are more likely to fold there 72o and other trash hands when playing for real money. Even at the smallest micro limits you will at least be playing with players who are interested in playing the game seriously.
Its still useful if poker sites do offer free poker as it is a chance for you to test there software before uploading real money, or occassionally if you want to try out a another type of poker game just to see what its like and how it plays.

If you were considering playing free texas holdem because you don't have the money to play with, then you can claim a free no deposit $10 bonus at Royal Vegas which is 100 big bets of there lowest stakes level 0.05/0.10 cents! Enjoy!

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