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Flopped a Pair

Overcard Pair
Is a very strong hand and you should be very aggressive betting, raising, reraising. You can play on the scariest of flops, 3 suited or paired flops. If you get alot of action call them down. The scary flops tend to be the ones that attract the most bluffing.
Top Pair
You should be betting or raising and even reraising. Top pair Ace or King with high kicker is a good hand in full ring, when the game is shorthanded its much stronger. Whether you reraise or cap will largely depend on your opponents, against very aggressive opponents then reraising/capping is fine, but slow down against a very passive opponent who rarely raises. A weaker top pair, likely to be beaten by overcards you should still be betting out hoping to win the pot right there and raising any bettors to knock out drawing hands or other overcard hands and increase your chance of your hand staying the best hand, plus you still have an overcard kicker so good chance to improve further.
Top Pair with medium or bad Kicker is still a strong hand and again you should be betting and raising, knocking out weaker hands, overcards, draws etc.

Second or bottom Pair - & Pocket Pairs
Second pair or any pair is generally a weak hand in full ring and commonly you would check fold. With less players seeing the flop in 6 handed you are more likely to have the best hand. Playing these hands well comes more with experience. Position is important and of course if you are acting late and everyone has checked to you then you should be betting. Playing these hands really depends alot more on your position and how the players before or after are likely to act. Did they raise preflop, where did they raise from, how aggressive are they post flop, how likely will your opponent fold to your bet, how many players have already put money in on in the flop and therefore likely to have a better hand, I could go on and on.
Ideally with these hands you want extra outs to improve, overcard or any kind of draws all add strength to your weak pairs. Also important is the size of the pot, as with your 9-1 to improve your second pair (if you think its not the best hand) with no other draws or overcards. Any pair with a big draw is a huge hand and is discussed in the Straight or Flush Draws section.
This will commonly be the case when your holding pocket pairs and an overcard come on the flop. Ive added many links to great threads below that will really help you with this aspect.

Relevant Reading

These are great examples of how to play when you hit a pair on a shorthanded game.
Id firstly like to highlight this advice which is taken from a page Im linking to from the Poker Articles section of my site which does apply in part to when you have a pair:
Abdul says: If your opponent is showing strength by betting or raising you but you have an awesome hand that you are sure beats him or a weak but nonvulnerable hand such as ace bad kicker with an ace on the flop, then it's usually best to "rope-a-dope", that is, back off and just check and call, letting him defeat himself with his own strength. You can even do this with weaker hands such as middle pocket pairs, especially against overaggressive opponents. 10-10 with K on flop

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