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Missed Flop

Normally you will only be in this situation when you are heads up. If you raised preflop and its heads up then its often worth betting out to take the pot on the flop if you think theres a good chance they will fold. If you are acting in late position and heads up and they have shown weakness by checking then you should be betting.
Quite often its player dependant, some players will fold alot on the flop, other players will call all kinds of garbage and you can end up chip spewing betting out when you have garbage yourself. Just fold if you cant win the pot right there.

Relevant Reading

Flop decision Kd7d on the button, Flop comes A84 with the 4 being a diamond, sb bets out.

Common / troubling 6 max situation SB with K9o on a flop of Q84r

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