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Flopped Straight or Flush Draw

You should usually bet out heads up if you flop a good draw aiming to take the pot there and then. This also combines well with you betting when you do have a good pair. Check calling is weak play heads up.
Dont bet a draw if theres a good chance you will be raised. Check calling is fine and raising when you improve.
Evaluate your pot odds.

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In one post someone asked if he was too aggressive, he got this good reply, in particular number 3)
With those stats I would think an ideal flop aggression factor would be 3-3.3, so you might be slightly aggressive but nothing out of line. Your play is probably good, but you could ask yourself the following questions: 1) Am I autobetting every flop where I raised preflop? If so, maybe stop autobetting when you have 3 callers. Or, don't autobet flops like J97 2-suited against 2 callers when you have completely missed with 55 or even AK. 2) Am I autoraising flop with overcards when they donk into me? If so, try calling some flops if you have some backdoor outs and folding turns unimproved. 3) Am I autobetting every straight or flush draw I get a free look from the BB? Try check-calling and checkraising a later street if you improve

Some questions concerning flush draws... Ed Miller gives good advice on how a backdoorflush adds value to your hand.

Misconception of "charging flush draws" Ed Miller gives the good advice.

Request for strong draws Krishan working on a short-handed limit book looks at how some strong draws are player on the flop and beyond.

The hand we love to hate - 4 flush

Bet or check the flop?

KQo gutshot draw heads up

Holy crap! This actually works? (Finding my Inner LAG)

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