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Poker Bonuses

You could be missing out on hundreds and even thousands of $$$s's or whatever other currency you play in if you are not making the most of the bonuses on offer from the biggest Poker Rooms.
We only list the Poker Rooms we advise playing shorthanded at, they will have a good selection of 6 max or 5 max poker tables and/or the games will be soft.

When playing poker you will have Swings, these bonuses will help even out the swings in your bankroll. Sometimes I play at 2 sperate sites at a time collecting bonuses similtaneously from each poker room. If I've had a bad run of cards theres nothing better than collecting at least a couple of hundred $$ in bonuses for just a few hours play.

I personally leave my bankroll spread between many sites and play at each site a bit more than enough to collect the bonus. I know other players who are constantly uploading and downloading and play with there bankroll at one or 2 sites at a time, e.g, once bonus collected they download there money and upload somewhere else to collect at another big bonus. This will be more likely the case if you are playing higher limits.

A sign up bonus you can only claim the first time you deposit money at a site. So if you want to get full bonus value make sure you upload the full amount.
A reload bonus is when you have to deposit more money, normally once a month to claim a new bonus.
Where i have just stated raked hands in the table, it means at those poker sites you just have to play that minimum number of raked hands to collect the monthly bonus. You don't have to deposit any more money.
















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