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Bluffing in 6 Max Texas Holdem

Bluffing is betting when you don't have a hand and are not likely to improve to a best hand. With less players in the pot bluffing becomes much more profitable, especially if they are weak tight players who will for example check fold there weak pairs to often when you bet with low cards simply because they have shown weakness by checking.
Some good full ring players who win with there tight style fail to adapt to the shorthanded games, not realising occassions when there weak pairs are more often the best hand. These players are ideal if they are in the blinds and you are stealing from them pre flop and taking down the pot on the flop with any bet.
With aggressive pre flop play and using position you will get more opportunites to bluff when others players check to you on the flop, in particular for example when an ace flops, they check, you bet, they fold, they may have a better hand with bottom or mid pair, your betting with king high and take down the pot with the worst hand.
You should bluff whenever you think there a good chance that you will win the pot. Bluffs work better against less players, ideally tight players. Its important you identifty which players fold to much and those which are to loose and whom bluffs simply aren't profitable. You therefore bluff less as calling stations or players who will often to to a showdown ace or king high, its all about playing the player.

Relevant Reading

General question about inducing bluffs King Yao in particular. Author of Weighing The Odds In Holdem Poker. See Poker Books.

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